Queen Royoil - Sweeter Juice Beauty
Queen Royoil by Sweeter Juice Beauty
Queen Royoil - Sweeter Juice Beauty
Queen Royoil - Sweeter Juice Beauty
Queen Royoil - Sweeter Juice Beauty

Queen Royoil

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"This is the best oil I've ever used!"

Grapeseed Oil, Cranberry Seed Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Marula Oil, Baobab Seed Oil, Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Organic Borage Seed Oil, Organic Sweet Orange Peel Oil, Neroli Oil, Calendula Flower CO2 Extract

Queen Royoil can be used from face to toe. A little goes a long way.

How To Use As Face Oil: For added glow and skin-beautifying benefits, massage 1 or 2 drops into your facial skin after face cleansing and toning. Avoid contact with the eyes. You can overlay with a moisturizer or simply use alone.

How To Use As Body Oil: Gently pat skin dry after bathing, immediately apply 2-3 drops or as needed due to skin dryness and rub in thoroughly. Queen Royoil is great for achieving relief through targeted massaging into dry, irritated or inflamed skin areas.

Pamper your skin with this exotic oil and enjoy its ultimate skin beautification once preserved for royals in exclusive kingdoms of ancient times.

Enjoy your time in our inclusive Kingdom, Queen!

Queen Royoil is our signature all-in-one facial oil formulated with Myrrh and plant-derived natural oils. Queen Royoil moisturizes and softens dry skin; reduces the appearances of dark spots, acne and acne scars. As a pro-aging/mature skin product, this oil diminishes the look of wrinkles and fine lines. Queen Royoil does not clog pores as it is lightweight and quickly absorbed.Ā  With regular application, Queen Royoil promotes the appearance of smooth, firm, even-toned and glowing skin.Ā  Ā 

Key IngredientsĀ Ā 


  • Exotic and legendary oil with rich and long history of versatile use as perfume, incense and Ayurvedic
  • Sourced from its native land of Egypt
  • Re-enacts biblical Queen Esther's skin beautification ritual in your daily skincare routine
  • Minimizes the appearance of discolored spots and acne
  • Soothes and moisturizes skin
  • Promotes the appearance of a well-nourished, firm, smooth, soft, evenly toned, radiant and royal skinĀ 
  • Boosts youthful and fresh skin look by smoothing out the look of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Imparts a sweet aroma to Queen Royoil.Ā 

Grapeseed Oil

  • Non-sticky lightweight oil that does not clog pores
  • Suits sensitive and acne-prone skin types
  • Softens dry skin
  • Minimizes the look of wrinkles and fine linesĀ 
  • Softens and moisturizes dry skin for glowing, hydrated skin appearance

Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil

  • Suits dry, oily, acne-prone & mature skin types
  • Rich in omega-6 & omega-3 essential fatty acids, Vitamins C & A, carotenoids and mineralsĀ 
  • Enhances skinĀ moistureĀ and hydration for radiant and fresh-looking skin appearance
  • Diminishes the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines in mature skin and premature skin aging for youthful skin appearance

Organic Jojoba Oil

  • A natural skin moisturizer + cleanser
  • Reveals radiant, appealing and fresh-looking skin tone
  • Suitable for oily, dry, mature, acne-prone & sensitive skin types
  • Reduces the appearances of post-acne scars, rough patches and discolored spots to make the skin look vibrant with impressive smoothness and radiant, even tone
  • Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines & age spots for younger, firmer skin appearanceĀ 

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