Meet The Founders

Dr. Johnson & Olunife Ofomata, founders of Sweeter Juice Beauty

Expert Aesthetician Olunife Ofomata, and her husband, Dr. Johnson Ofomata founded Sweeter Juice Skin, an inclusive and melanin-celebrating innovative skincare company, to help fill a void in a skincare industry that often times leaves out the needs of Black people and skin of color. They are pioneering innovative formulations infused with ancient African and indigenous ingredients backed by science. They advocate for the forgotten farmer and the forgotten face. The future of skincare is in our roots.

Olunife Ofomata, Founder + CEO, Sweeter Juice Beauty

Olunife Ofomata, is founder & CEO of Sweeter Juice Skin. She resides and works with her husband, Dr. Johnson Ofomata, in Phoenix, AZ.

A life long dream becoming reality. Sweeter Juice Skin is the gift to you Olunife has been preparing for over a decade. After years of studying, gaining experience, going through valleys, and reaching highs Olunife, along with her husband, introduce to you a brand they believe will truly help bring solutions to your skincare needs while giving you the smooth, glowing and even skin of your dreams. Melanin is celebrated and nourished here. Even though Olunife has been an esthetician for over a decade, her skincare inspiration goes back to the time she was a child in Nigeria in her paternal grandmother's arms being lathered in Shea and Cocoa Butter. Her grandmother owned her own shop, where Olunife also enjoyed her favorite goodies that inspire the scents and experiences she has incorporated into her skin care line today. Additionally, Olunife comes from a lineage of Cocoa Farmers and is a proponent of improving the livelihoods of farmers and their communities. 

Olunife began her career in the beauty industry as a makeup artist working in NYC during fashion weeks. Her work has been published in top magazines and seen on various celebrities. While working as a makeup artist, Olunife was also going to school to become an esthetician. She learned to love makeup, skin care and haircare too. Her first endeavor into product launching was creating a custom blend foundation line for her clients under the name, myBeautyGold. 

Olunife has helped her clients with their most challenging skin care concerns. Years of testing products, studying ingredients and seeing what works, has helped Olunife to create a line of skincare products that both nourish the skin and help resolve the issues of hyperpigmentation, uneven skin, dark spots, dry skin, acne and maturing skin. Olunife has spearheaded the styling and makeup teams of other fashion shows, including Scottsdale Fashion Week and Phoenix Fashion Week. Olunife holds a master of arts in multimedia communications and is looking forward to bringing you more engaging, educational and inspirational content. 

Olunife is committed to the spiritual, economic, educational and personal growth of all people; including and particularly men and women of color in the United States, around the world and her birth country of Nigeria. Olunife aspires to be a representative of Jesus Christ on Earth. 


Dr. Johnson Ofomata, co-founder of Sweeter Juice Beauty

Dr. Johnson Ofomata is co-founder and COO of Sweeter Juice Skin and resides with his wife, Olunife, in Phoenix, AZ.

Ancient African + Indigenous Ingredients combined with Science to formulate innovative products is a passion Dr. Johnson Ofomata shares with his wife, Olunife, an aesthetician and makeup artist with a long-held passion for developing a line of skincare products that actually work for her clients. Having found a like-minded skin enthusiast and advocate for Original Clean Beauty in his wife, they strategized and laid the groundwork for launching their natural + scientific skincare brand. Research interest in non-drug treatment of skin problems introduced Dr. Ofomata to the field of natural remedies and organic lifestyle for optimal skin health. His studies on using plant extracts to formulate natural skincare products yielded positive findings. With medical expertise and years of experience in esthetics care, Dr. Johnson & Olunife Ofomata are equipped to lead evidence-based product making and development of content that educate and empower their clients, you!

Over a decade of medical practice in public academic medical centers and field experience in public health reshaped his insight on health and wellness. Convinced that individual and population health is only achievable through multi-sector synergy, Dr. Johnson developed a keen interest in learning and applying the principles of cross-sectoral collaboration to improve health outcomes. Driven by this conviction, Dr. Johnson is focused on harnessing resources outside the formal health sector to boost healthcare delivery.