The Brand


In The Beginning God Made Skin.

This is Skincare The Way God Intended.

Since the beginning, women have been nurturing their skin with nature. From Queen Esther’s milk baths and Myrrh oil beautification practices, women of Africa, India, Australia and around the world have been using the earth’s natural ingredients to take care of their skin. 

Innovative Skincare for Diverse Skin tones

Sweeter Juice Skin is a melanin inclusive + celebrated skincare brand. We are pioneering the advancement of effective + innovative products formulated with ancient indigenous ingredients backed by clinical research on diverse skin tones. We have unique and innovative skincare formulations that actually work.

Sweeter Juice Skin is dedicated to using the Purest Natural Ingredients From The Continent (Africa) and the Diaspora, and ensuring that all of our ingredients are Sustainably & Ethically Sourced.

We believe our skin is a gift from God and we should treat it as such.  

From The Beginning We Were Farmers.

Olunife, founder of Sweeter Juice Skin, feels honored and blessed to come from family of entrepreneurs and farmers. Olunife comes from a lineage of Cocoa Farmers in Nigeria. Her Uncles were farmers and her family still owns farm land in the state they are from in Nigeria. Unfortunately, current day conditions and resources available for the farmers in Nigeria and all across the African Continent are devastating. We cannot sit idly by. Deep advancements are needed to improve the quality of life, farming equipment, resources, health and wealth for farmers, their families and their communities. Before we can sustainably source their livelihoods, shouldn’t we improve their lives as well? Sweeter Juice Skin aims to be the answer to the skincare solutions for our customers as well as a proponent for extreme improvements for farmers and their communities. 

Sweeter Juice Beauty Grandmothers

Olunife's fondest and earliest memories of her childhood in Nigeria are walking to her paternal grandmother’s shop which her grandmother built right at the back of the house. Olunife's grandmother would treat her and her siblings to their favorite goodies and candy at the time, including Tom-Toms, while lathering them with Grandmother's glorious Shea Butter + Cocoa Butters. Grandma's candies, butters + other delicious goodies absolutely inspire the products, Olunife and her husband, Dr. Johnson Ofomata make in their skincare line, Sweeter Juice Skin today.

We source pure and organic ingredients with naturally occurring potent compounds to deliver an unmatched combination of African + Ayurvedic meet Science formulations that actually work to bring solutions for your biggest skin challenges. And we know what skin challenges you face because we face them too. Our products are specially formulated to provide solutions for hyperpigmentation, dark spots, uneven skin tone, acne, oily skin, dry skin, dark spots and pustules due to ingrown hair, fine lines and wrinkles. Use of our Sweeter Juice Skin products will cause your skin to forever glow and your melanin will pop once and for all!



We are The Experts and The Advocates.

Sweeter Juice Skin is led by Olunife Ofomata, an esthetician and makeup artist for over 13 years and her husband, Dr. Johnson Ofomata, a medical doctor who has studied plant extracts' skin benefits in West Africa.

Olunife and Dr. Johnson Ofomata advocate for the forgotten farmer - They have seen first hand what the lack of support and equitable pay does to farmers, especially those on the continent of Africa and Black Farmers in the United States of America. So this skincare couple advocates for farmers to go from fair trade to abundance.

The Future of Skincare is in Our Roots.

Sweeter Juice Skin is the answer to your skincare needs. We are a proponent of increasing skin of color participation in clinical trials for skincare products and we are pioneering scientific research on the efficaciousness of our ancient African + indigenous ingredients


We’ve always known our ancient ingredients work, now you can too!


Sweeter Juice Skin is proud and blessed to be a Black Owned Brand.