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R E V I V A L - Ultra Gel Facial Moisturizer

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It's Time For a Summer Skin R E V I V A L !

R E V I V A L is the ultimate ultra gel facial moisturizer with intensely hydrating properties that help to keep skin looking smooth, even tone and youthful.

R E V I V A L is perfect for the summer and throughout the year because it is light weight, oil-free, clog-free, hydrating, and promotes even skin appearance while reviving dull skin without over powering your skin with heavy moisturizers. 

R E V I V A L promotes hydration and an even skin appearance while keeping your pores unclogged and your skin balanced. Each version of R E V I V A L contains Botanical Hyaluronic + a powerhouse ingredient to address specific concerns.  

The radiant color of each R E V I V A L Ultra Gel comes from all natural extracts and plants. No artificial colors or dyes are added! 

Organic, Plant-based, Vegan, No added artificial ingredients, No parabens, No animal testing. Sustainably sourced ingredients. 

Hyaluronic Acid is the all - star ingredient in all of our Ultra Gels. Hyaluronic acid promotes supple, smooth and healthy skin by protecting the skin and retaining its moisture. This helps to keep the skin hydrated and fights off signs of fine lines and wrinkles. The result is youthful, plump, healthy, hydrated and glowing skin! 

Find your perfect match! 

Elderberry + Hyaluronic (Purple): Revive your skin's hydration and eliminate the signs of aging with this Ultra Gel. Elderberry is known for reducing signs of stress on skin such as acne, boils, and scars. Healthy + Hydrated skin is just a jar away! 

Best for oily and dehydrated skin. Concerns: fine lines, wrinkles, oily skin, acne

Passion Flower + Hyaluronic (Pink): Revive your skin's plumpness and firmness with this R E V I V A L Ultra Gel packed with Passion Flower and Hyaluronic Acid. Passion Flower reduces the signs of fine lines and wrinkles. Also promotes hydration without clogging pores. Packed with Vitamin A + C.

Best for all skin types, particular dehydrated, itching and mature skin types

Chrysanthemum + Hyaluronic (Yellow): Revives skin while clearing skin from the appearance of dryness, the appearance of redness, and fights the feel of irritated skin. Due to the antioxidant properties of the flowers, it also reduces the appearance of eczema and the signs of aging.

Best for Dry Skin of all ages and Mature Skin

Juniper Berry + Hyaluronic (Blue): Detoxify, revive and rebalance your skin with Juniper Berry Floral Water. Eliminate dull appearance of skin to reveal rejuvenated detoxified skin. Promotes appearance of even tone skin.

Best for all skin types

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R E V I V A L - Ultra Gel Facial Moisturizer - Sweeter Juice Beauty
R E V I V A L - Ultra Gel Facial Moisturizer - Sweeter Juice Beauty
R E V I V A L - Ultra Gel Facial Moisturizer - Sweeter Juice Beauty
R E V I V A L - Ultra Gel Facial Moisturizer - Sweeter Juice Beauty
R E V I V A L - Ultra Gel Facial Moisturizer - Sweeter Juice Beauty
R E V I V A L - Ultra Gel Facial Moisturizer - Sweeter Juice Beauty
R E V I V A L - Ultra Gel Facial Moisturizer - Sweeter Juice Beauty
R E V I V A L - Ultra Gel Facial Moisturizer
R E V I V A L - Ultra Gel Facial Moisturizer - Sweeter Juice Beauty



Ancient African + Indigenous Ingredients combined with Science to formulate innovative products is a passion Dr. Johnson Ofomata shares with his wife, Olunife, an aesthetician and makeup artist with a long-held passion for developing a line of skincare products that actually work for her clients. Having found a like-minded skin enthusiast and advocate for Original Clean Beauty in his wife, they strategized and laid the groundwork for launching their natural + scientific skincare brand. Research...

We've Always Been Here

Innovative Skincare for Diverse Skin tones

Sweeter Juice Skin is a melanin inclusive + celebrated skincare brand. We are pioneering the advancement of effective + innovative products formulated with ancient indigenous ingredients backed by clinical research on diverse skin tones. We have unique and innovative skincare formulations that actually work.

Sweeter Juice Skin is dedicated to using the Purest Natural Ingredients From The Continent (Africa) and the Diaspora, and ensuring that all of our ingredients are Sustainably & Ethically Sourced.

We believe our skin is a gift from God and we should treat it as such.  

We are The Experts and The Advocates.

Sweeter Juice Skin is led by Olunife Ofomata, an esthetician and makeup artist for over 13 years and her husband, Dr. Johnson Ofomata, a medical doctor who has studied plant extracts' skin benefits in West Africa.

Olunife and Dr. Johnson Ofomata advocate for the forgotten farmer - They have seen first hand what the lack of support and equitable pay does to farmers, especially those on the continent of Africa and Black Farmers in the United States of America. So this skincare couple advocates for farmers to go from fair trade to abundance.

The Future of Skincare is in Our Roots.

Sweeter Juice Skin is the answer to your skincare needs. We are a proponent of increasing skin of color participation in clinical trials for skincare products and we are pioneering scientific research on the efficaciousness of our ancient African + indigenous ingredients

We’ve always known our ancient ingredients work, now you can too!