HibisCus + Vitamin C Serum

HibisCus + Vitamin C Serum

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Visible Signs of Lifting and Smoothing

Key Ingredients

Organic Hibiscus Extract - Also known as the “Lifting Plant” the key ingredient in this system is designed to help promote a youthful appearance, smooth out the complexion, and bring a glow to skin. This brightening and tightening ingredient is also wonderful for balancing and soothing internal upset.

Organic Rosemary Extract – This evergreen extract helps to calm, purify, and protect skin while imparting a gentle effect to your visage.

Vitamin C , B3 and E – Antioxidant blend of vitamins designed to help reduce environmental stress, protect skin, and help address signs of aging! Vitamin C &E help to promote firm, glowing skin while B3 helps soothe and restore your face.

Organic Rosehip seed oil – Packed with Vitamin A and skin barrier boosting properties, this ancient oil will help to moisturize skin with the power of fatty acids, while helping to keep skin-loving ingredients inside your barrier.

Pump 1 squirts into your hands, use your ring finger to gently tap under eyes, around eye lids and other areas such as forehead and around mouth area that you would like to see firming, lifting and smoothness.

Massage the serum into your skin and then follow up with your favorite moisturizer. We recommend our Shea Butter + Neem Dream Cream!

Eradicate dry dull skin with our NEW HibisCus + Vitamin C Serum! This serum helps to promote a youthful appearance, smooth out the complexion, and bring a glow to skin. This brightening and tightening serum is also wonderful for balancing and soothing your face.  


  • Hydrates skin: Infused with Hibiscus and Vitamin C, this serum delivers intense hydration to parched skin, leaving it plump and supple. Its moisture-binding properties ensure long-lasting hydration, combating dryness at its core.

  • Brightens skin: The powerful blend of Hibiscus extract and Vitamin C works synergistically to fade dark spots and brighten the complexion. This dynamic duo targets uneven skin tone and dullness, illuminating your skin from within.

  • Nourishes skin: Rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients, this serum feeds your skin with the vital nourishment it craves. It strengthens the skin’s barrier, protecting it from environmental stressors and preventing premature aging.

  • Leaves skin looking radiant: By promoting cell turnover and boosting collagen production, this serum leaves your skin looking visibly radiant and youthful. Its unique formula smooths out texture and imparts a natural glow, enhancing your skin's overall appearance.

  • Reveals a healthy, glowing complexion: Regular use of this serum unveils a healthy, glowing complexion, as its ingredients work in harmony to improve skin health. Its soothing properties also help to calm irritation and redness, revealing a balanced and glowing complexion.


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