Meet the Brand

Healthy Skin Starts From Within


Beauty Nutrition from the inside-out

Sweeter Juice Skin is the first holistic skincare brand that specializes in utilizing ancient ancestral in our Inner + Outer Beauty Systems that each utilize an ancestral superstar ingredient in both topical and nutritional formulations that work synergistically to boost maximum results!

We are the first to develop this method of synergistic skincare that target inner and outer beauty nutrition for maximum wellness and our Systems are constantly expanding to meet your needs because everyone’s skin has its own unique chemistry!


A Holistic Approach to Skincare

Expert aesthetician Olunife Ofomata and her husband medical doctor Dr. Johnson Ofomata share a like-minded mission to help you bridge the gap between your body and your skin by researching ancient science-backed ingredients formulated in effective skincare products made for clients like you!


We Prioritize Ingredients + Origins

We want the very best for your skin and care deeply about where Sweeter Juice Skin acquires its ingredients. That’s why we emphasize and enforce the use of CLEAN, VEGAN ingredients and rigorously check to ensure they’re ETHICALLY and SUSTAINABLY sourced.

We have provided our Sweeter Scorecards to give you a short and sweet breakdown of each ingredient’s origins, uses, and compatibility with your skin so you can have peace of mind when it comes to ingesting and applying our products!


Your Skin is Unique

Unique skin chemistry requires unique solutions. Sweeter Juice Skin is a pro-melanin diversity-inclusive skincare brand that is leading the charge to provide tailored solutions to a wide range of diverse skin tones. We’re raising the bar when it comes to treating melanated skin and the best part is that our skincare solutions actually work!


We Advocate for

Olunife and her husband Dr. Johnson Ofomata have up close and personal experience with what unfair pay, inhumane conditions, and lack of support has done to farmers, especially those living in the African Diaspora and Black farmers in the U.S. They use their platform to shed light on these issues and advocate for these farmers to go from fair-trade to abundance.


We see the potential and the innumerable benefits that can stem from prioritizing beauty nutrition and tapping into your beauty from within. Your skin is a gift and we want to help everyone to learn to treat it as such!


So Good for Within, You Can’t Skin Without!



Sweeter Juice Skin’s Mission to deliver a 5-Star skin experience and revolutionize the way the industry treats skin and women of colors is as follows:

1 – TO CREATE indigenous and Ayurvedic alternative solutions designed to combat multiple skin issues, while calling to light the discrepancies faced by Black women and people of color in the industry.
2 – TO SOLVE the mystery and further pioneer research of the many unique skin issues that pervade all people including skin of color that are brushed over in the industry.
3 – TO ADVOCATE FOR THE FORGOTTEN FARMER by using their platform to call attention to the degrading conditions farmers have to work through in African lands, while taking the lead in bringing about change, resources, educating the masses, and more.
4 - TO ADVOCATE FOR THE FORGOTTEN FACE by including more Black women in clinical trials, testing their formulations are skin of color, melanated skin, and sharing the spotlight with other Black creators to uplift each other in order to address the large gap left by the beauty industry, while calling attention to the injustices and unfair treatment faced by people of color.
5 – TO BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN BODY AND SKIN by pioneering the research in natural alternative ingredients sourced by nature and using their potential to provide multiple solutions for skincare issues using systems designed to be taken internally and externally.

6 -- TO BE THE GLOBAL LEADER IN INNER + OUTER BEAUTY CARE SYSTEMS and be the first to provide the edge in helping to address skincare from the inside out, while educating on beauty nutrition, leading the development of the “beauty from within” market, and designing products made to cater to specific issues.

And to ensure that their vision of skincare’s future is carried out to fruition by expanding their research, holding discussions with other Black creators, makeup artists, beauticians, dermatologists, and more.

Combining the synergy of the identical super star ingredients in both our inner and outer beauty products within each set for maximum benefits and results. Sweeter Juice Skin is the first brand to offer these matching ingredient inner and outer beauty sets, but definitely won’t be the last


So good for within, you can’t skin without!