Use GlowFibre morning and night to aid in cleansing your face, removing dirt, debris, makeup and your facial masks!
1. Wet your GlowFibre with warm water
2. Gently rotate the wipe across your face in small circular motions for at least 60 seconds.
3. Rinse your face with cool water and pat it dry.

4. Rinse and squeeze excess water from GlowFibre. Hang to dry. You can reuse GlowFibre by using other areas of the fabric and wash it once per week.

GlowFibre can also be used with our new Micellar Water. Instead of using regular water, you can spray our Micellar Water onto it and use it to remove your makeup and sunscreen as well. Both products together work like magic and will get you onto your next step in a flash.