Give the Gift of Self Care: Introducing Our Father's Day Gift Set!
Give the gift of self-care this Father’s Day! Our King Royoil Father’s Day Gift Set comes bundled with all the simplicity men need to have a good routine, plus the style! Fathers we know how hard you work for yourselves...
Reintroducing P U R I F Y: Now With the Detoxifying Power of Aju Mbaise + Turmeric!
ReIntroducing P U R I F Y: Activated Charcoal mud to clay mask is back with two key ingredients, Aju Mbaise and turmeric! The detoxifying power of this ancient African ingredient and turmeric's skin-illuminating properties pack a one-two-punch for your skin! But what makes this duo ideal for our mask? Read on to find out.
The Hidden Truth About Coffee and it's Robust Future
Coffee has grown to be a multi-billion dollar industry, with several countries making significant contributions to its growth and popularity. However, the truth about the origins of coffee and that location's unique contributions could provide the potential to invoke significant change in the coffee industry as we know it, so let's uncover the hidden truth about the history of coffee and it's robust future.
The Skincare Industry Doesn't Care About Black People

Why is it so important for skin of color to have skincare and ingredients catered to them? What makes deeper skin tones so different, and why is it vital to push for more thorough and out-of-the box research when it comes to caring for melanin-rich skin? Why can melanated skin be tricky to care for? 

Here are five areas that would be much more closely addressed with increased skincare options if our bold title were not true:

Nubian Gold: East African Shea Butter

Since Nubian Gold has become a fan favorite along with our other two butters, CocoaRich and our classic Shea Butter + Neem Dream Cream, we decided that Nubian Gold deserves its own spot on our website! 

 Read on to learn more about why chose to launch Nubian Gold separately and the benefits this exotic butter will have on your skin! 

Our Glow Rider Face Wash is Better Than Ever!

Our Glow Rider Face Wash is back and better than ever with a new formula that includes more brightening power, courtesy of our favorite hyperpigmentation busting ingredient, turmeric! 

Find out how this potent age-long skin beautifying ingredient can help you achieve the glowing skin of your dreams! 

Here's Your Chance To Become a Sweeter Juice Skin Ambassador!

Calling all potential Sweeter Juice Baes!  

We’re offering a select few the grand opportunity to have a share in being part of our quickly growing skincare brand! 

Perks include:

Free products 

You always get 50% off your own orders

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Receive rewards, win giveaways, and more! Read on to find out why being an ambassador will be worth your while and how to sign up! 

Don't hesitate! Click on the link below to learn more and apply today!

Introducing Africa's Original Moisturizer: East + West African Shea Butter

Shea butter has earned its right to be called “Women’s Gold”, aka Africa's original moisturizer and one of the best skin beautifiers and moisturizers that could ever be used. But did you know there’s two main forms of this Shea Butter Gold that can be found exclusively in West Africa and East Africa, respectfully? We’re going to be exploring the benefits of these two wonderful butters in this blog, and the unique advantages each of them both provide to ensure your skin looks its most radiant and moist. Plus sharing with you our secrets of what makes our best butters, Dream Cream and Nubian Gold so amazing!  Read our latest blog to learn more! 

How To Protect Your Moisture Barrier
What makes up the moisture barrier? How can we protect our moisture barrier? What ingredients are there that can help to promote its health and function? We love a supple juicy moisture barrier at Sweeter Juice Beauty, so we wanted to give you guys the deets on maintaining your skin’s natural line of defense! Everybody gather around, and let’s get started. 
Introducing Our Best Holiday Gift Sets Featuring Our Newest Launches + Best Sellers!
The holidays are just around the corner and we know getting your loved ones the perfect gift is top priority! We’re introducing two BRAND NEW gift sets that will definitely give you some great ideas for a wonderful present and make this holiday season the best one you’ve ever had! Our gift sets include our Royoil Collection consisting of Queen and King Royoil and the King Royoil Beard Balm, and our Best Butter Gifts Set consisting of our Shea Butter + Neem Dream Cream, and CocoaRich$!
Introducing The Best Shea Butters In the World + Our Triple Threat Gift Set
Sweeter Juice Skin always ensure we choose the most high-quality ingredients and sources, and how we crafted our Best Butters Gift Set was no exception. Our exclusive Best Butters Gift Set is a triple threat collection of three of the best butters in the world: our original best-selling cream, Shea Butter + Neem Dream Cream; and now introducing two new additions Nubian Gold and CocoaRich$! Our exclusive best butters collection are all handcrafted to provide your skin with the care and tenderness it deserves.  
The Difference Between Humectants, Emollients, and Occlusives.
Knowing how to layer your skincare is an important part of achieving healthy, young-looking skin. It all starts with education, and at Sweeter Juice Beauty, we’re all about healthy skin and creating products to help every person look their best. So, sit tight and let’s break down what humectants, emollients, and occlusives are and how they work together. 
Why Men Should Use a Beard Oil + The Best Beard Oil + Balm
Many men take pride in having a nice beard and want to incorporate beard care into their routine but don't quite know what products to choose from. Finding the right beard oil and balm that will help a beard to flourish can be difficult, so we wanted to provide some insight on what a beard oil is, why it's beneficial, and how it can make your routine, quick, efficient, and help to get you out the door in no time! We'll show you what to look for so you can have the best-looking beard ever! 
Introducing King Royoil - The Best Beard Oil and Balm for Men!
Another king is born! This one is for all the men, the true kings who want to care for and nourish their beards in the best way possible and for the women who love them! We introduce TWO new products that will not only make your beard smell exquisitely divine, but will help to condition, tame, and moisturize it as well! Introducing King Royoil! AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!
Sweeter Juice Skin UK-based fragrance house, Olfiction has launched a giveaway for a Black-owned beauty or fragrance brand to have a complimentary fragrance developed for their brand! Read on to find out how you can enter to be a part of this wonderful opportunity! 
The Beauty Powerhouses of Nigerian Descent (US edition)

Black Women in the beauty industry have been doing phenomenal things that impact the industry in many ways. Today we want to celebrate some of the beauty powerhouses of Nigerian descent in the United States of America. My mind is blown witnessing all of the impact they have made in the industry. They've created their own mark and lanes in the beauty industry whether as youtube gurus, beauty and skincare founders and women forcing change in an industry that has often times left the needs of Black people out as a whole. I am sending all of my flowers and homage to each of them.

The Forgotten Farmer: From Fair Trade To Abundance
Farmers are a great part of our supply chain. Our farmers provide us the necessary ingredients like our botanicals, teas, and herbs that we need for our skincare line, Sweeter Juice Skin. Not only that, they make up the backbone...
Introducing Purple Tea and It's Skincare Benefits!
Antioxidant powered teas such as Green Tea and Black Tea have been shown to provide great benefits to the skin, in addition to several well known health benefits. But did you know that there's a tea even MORE powerful than its predecessors? Yes, there is! We would like to introduce to you the potent health and beauty booster Purple Tea, which has shown even more promising abilities and benefits than the previous teas mentioned for the body and skin alike!
Bigger Than Beauty: Why I Got Started in Skincare
I am so grateful to come from a family of entrepreneurs and farmers but it greatly saddens me to see the deplorable and harsh conditions farmers and communities that cultivate our high quality ingredients are forced to struggle through.
Experience The Purifying Power of Activated Charcoal!
Our Activated Charcoal Purifying Mask will hydrate your skin while pulling out all impurities by detoxifying, exfoliating and brightening your skin. We are so confident that this mask will be a game changer for your routine! We made it the perfect combination of renewing and soothing products so that everyone could be able to experience the purifying goodness of activated charcoal! Read on to find out the benefits of this powerful product! 
The Tea on our NEW Green Tea + Honey Facial Cleanser and Green Tea + Hyaluronic Toner
Our new Green Tea + Honey Cleanser and Green Tea + Hyaluronic Acid Toner are going to be a miracle for your skin. Soft smooth skin is around the corner when you put these two together. The cleanser and toner contain green tea extract, the key player in assuring that your skin will appear at its best. Your skin will definitely be thanking you!