Queen Royoil

I'm so excited to share with you our signature oil in our first Sweeter Juice Beauty collection. We affectionately call her Queen Royoil. And there's great reason for it. Read more to find out...

Queen Royoil is specially formulated to recreate Queen Esther’s experience for you through invoking fantasies and fueling imaginations of an ancient exoticism in their daily skincare routine. As with Queen Esther, consistent and extended use of Queen Royoil will unleash Myrrh’s legendary skin beautifying power and leave them with a conscious feeling of whole-body healing. To make these realizable experiences, original Myrrh sourced from its nativeland of Egypt is used to carefully craft Queen Royoil to ensure potency of ingredient and product authenticity.

Myrrh Oil (Myrrh) is arguably the oldest recorded beauty oil used by humans. The Bible records Myrrh’s use as a holy anointing oil in sacred religious rituals in the book of Exodus. Queen Esther used Myrrh for her beauty treatment in her book and presentation of Myrrh as one of the three precious gifts to baby Jesus Christ by the wise men from the east documented in the Gospels. Myrrh could have served more than just a skincare product for Queen Esther as she bathed and soaked in it for six months for purification. This hints at deep massaging into the skin, prolonged leave-on application, aromatherapy and medicinal use of Myrrh for whole-body natural remedy. Esther’s selection as Queen by King Ahasuerus was facilitated in part by Myrrh’s beauty-enhancing effects. Since Bible times, this exotic oil derived from a tree native to North Africa and the Middle East had been in use to the present day. From ancient Egypt, Arabia and India, historical accounts exist of Myrrh’s use for skin and hair treatment; as a versatile traditional medicine and healing agent; as a sacred religious incense and anointing oil; in perfumery; for culinary, fumigation and embalming purposes. In this modern world, societies where myrrh trees thrive still use Myrrh for traditional healing and in religious rituals. While these applications of Myrrh remain marginal today, Myrrh’s application in the beauty industry and aromatherapy has grown in leaps and bounds since Queen Esther’s era.

Queen Royoil

As an active ingredient in Queen Royoil, Myrrh is a natural skin cleanser that promotes skin detoxification and reduces the signs of skin aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. Myrrh fades discolored spots, relieves breakouts and irritations, soothes discomforts I’m of skin inflammations, reduces postinflammatory skin scarring, moisturizes dry skin and alleviates flaking, and enhances the appearance of firmer and plump skin. Myrrh’s natural pleasant fragrance adds a scented aroma to Royoil that invokes the experience of its ancient use as a perfume and today’s continued use in aromatherapy.

  • Exotic and legendary oil with rich and long history of versatile use
  • Enhances the appearance of a healthy, evenly toned, firm, smooth, soft and radiant skin usually spotted by royals and celebrities
  • Promotes youthful and fresh skin look by reducing signs of skin aging
  • Generates a sweet aroma that invokes ancient experience in modern times

Other key ingredients in our exclusive and legendary Queen Royoil include:

Grapeseed Oil is a natural source of anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds with numerous skin benefits. The active compounds in grapeseed oil help to even skin tone, fade discolored spots, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, smoothen rough patches and brighten hyperpigmentation. Unlike other oils, grapeseed oil is lightweight, does not clog pores and suits most skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin. It is rich in omega-6 essential fatty acid (linoleic acid) that alleviates itching, swelling and redness of eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. It moisturizes, smoothens and softens dry skin by facilitating the strengthening of skin barrier and reduction of transepidermal water loss. It promotes prevention of skin infection by slowing growth of germs. It contains Vitamins C and E and other potent antioxidants that improve the visible effects of skin damage and premature skin aging caused by sun UV rays and exposure to pollution and toxins.

  • Lightweight oil good for sensitive and acne-prone skin types
  • Alleviates the effects of skin inflammations such as eczema, rosacea and psoriasis
  • Reduces appearance of skin features of sun damage and premature aging
  • Helps the skin fight infection
  • Softens and moisturizes dry skin for glowing, hydrated skin appearance

Organic Jojoba Oil (OJO) has multiple skin benefits as a natural moisturizer, cleanser, exfoliant and spot treatment. Similar to skin oil (sebum), OJO balances sebum production and does not clog pores, is non-irritating to the skin and locks in moisture to improve skin hydration. OJO improves skin elasticity to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots for visibly firmer, rejuvenated and younger looking skin. These properties make OJO suitable for oily, acne-prone, sensitive, dry and mature skin types. Loaded with many active compounds, OJO helps to soothe and relieve the dryness, flaking, itching, swelling and pain of eczema, psoriasis, sunburn and acne. It reduces the look of postacne scarring, rough patches and discolored spots for even toned and smooth skin.

  • A natural skin moisturizer, cleanser, exfoliant & spot treatment
  • Suitable for oily, dry, mature, acne-prone & sensitive skin types
  • Reduces visible effects of postacne scarring, rough patches and discolored spots
  • Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines & age spots

Pumpkin Seed Oil (PSO) is suitable for oily, acne-prone and dry skin types, as it is rich in omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids that regulate skin oil production. The essential fatty acids also enhance skin hydration and moisture retention for glowing, youthful skin appearance. PSO has high contents of Vitamins E, C and carotenoids which are potent antioxidants that diminish the features (wrinkles & fine lines) of skin aging in mature skin and premature skin aging associated with sun or chemical damage. As a spot treatment oil, PSO alleviates inflammation associated with acne. PSO helps to make the skin firmer and toned.

  • Suits dry, oily, acne-prone & mature skin types
  • Rich in omega-6, omega-3 essential fatty acids, Vitamin C & A, carotenoids and minerals
  • Enhances skin moisture and hydration for radiant and fresh looking skin
  • Diminishes features (wrinkles & fine lines) of skin aging in natural and premature skin aging for youthful skin appearance
  • Relieves inflammation associated with acne

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