Black Cumin

Black Seed Oil's Inner and Outer Beauty Secrets

Going back nearly 3000 years, Black Seed has been a powerful herbal staple for Africans to support their general health and wellbeing. Known by its botanical name, “Nigella Sativa”, Black Seed has been used in several remedies to heal multiple ailments through its high amounts of nutrition and minerals. This night-colored seed has shown itself to have enormous benefits for the body, but could it be another overlooked ingredient that could prove to be useful for the skin? How can this seed help skin from the inside-out?  

Nigella Sativa Flower

Where did Black Seed Originate?  

Black Cumin, another name for the seed, has a rich history going all the way back to ancient Ethiopia and Egypt.  It was known among them as “tin tir” and became a prominent staple amongst Egyptian society, with its oil being used to nourish skin, protect it from the harsh desert sun, and calm internal upset.   

This seed grows wild in Africa and in the middle east, its high antioxidant and vitamin content allowing it to thrive in the harshest conditions. The Black Cumin plant produces blue and white flowers and thread-like leaves. The seeds are extracted from the flowers of the plant and can be ingested raw or toasted. 

This hardy superfood has several internal benefits for the body and can help to elevate wellbeing. Our Inner and Outer Beauty card has a short breakdown of these ingredients and can serve as a guide to help you see how this ingredient can help your skin inside and out. 

Black Seed Inner/Outer Beauty Card

Internal Benefits 

Soothes Internal Discomfort – Skin health begins in the gut. Black Cumin can aid in providing a sense of calm while promoting a synergistic effect. This seed is also packed with lots of fiber, which can combat temporary upset.  

Packed with Vitamins and Minerals – Black Cumin contains over 20 different vitamins and minerals, all beneficial for encouraging and replenishing vitality. This superfood contains a shopping 62% of vitamin C, the sunshine vitamin. It’s also full of compounds that can enhance wellbeing. 

Non-irritating and Calming – Black Seed contains a compound known as thymoquinone, an antioxidant along with other phytochemicals that can promote a serene environment internally from outside environmental stressors. 

Promotes Bodily Harmony – This potent herb can help to temporarily soothe general discomfort and stress from outer environmental factors. Regular consumption can help increase a sense of wellbeing and clarity.  

Antioxidants – Black seed has several antioxidants and contains high levels of fatty acids and omega-3s. These compounds are able to help provide your skin and body with a natural defense from outside elements. 

 Black Cumin Seeds

Black Seed contains a wide variety of health benefits and can be taken orally through several methods. Some take Black Seed in oil form, or what’s commonly known as Black Seed Oil. Other ways it can be taken is mixed in honey or other sweet beverages (due to the somewhat bitter taste). It also comes in capsule form for supplemental use.  

External Benefits 

Helps Remove Impurities – Black Seed's protective properties can help alleviate external stressors that can contribute to congestion, irritation, and other enemies of clear skin. 

Soothing and Calming – The fatty acids, high amount of thymoquinone, and antioxidants make Black Seed a promising skin care ingredient for issues that can cause .  

Replenishes and Synergizes – Black Seed Oil is wonderful for helping to promote a serene epidermal environment while helping it to maintain hydration and moisture. The lipids and fatty acids Black Seed contains offer rejuvenating emollient benefits. 

Encourages Luminosity – Black Seed contains a large amount of Vitamin C, 62% to be exact, and can assist in promoting an even and plump look. It can also help to reduce the appearance of dullness and help enrich the skin with glowing benefits. 

Temporarily Alleviates Redness – Skin types that deal with redness can benefit greatly from Black Seed as its placid properties are great for encouraging a clear complexion. 


Black Seed is capable of being a great ingredient that can help skin from the inside-out due to its multi-use properties. You can see more of its benefits in our Sweeter Scorecard above that we created just for this ingredient! Black Seed is just one of many skin care ingredients that holds the potential to create beautiful youthful skin starting from the inside, and unlocking its potential to share with all of you is well worth it!  

Black Seed - Nigella Sweeter Score Card by Sweeter Juice Skin