African Moringa: A Hidden Treasure for Skin

African Moringa: A Hidden Treasure for Skin

Used for centuries as an ancient African remedy for a variety of ailments, African Moringa holds a lot of potential for unlocking new doors when it comes to not only internal benefits, but benefits for skin as well! But just what is African Moringa? What secrets does it hold when it comes to skin care? What is it about African Moringa that makes it so promising? We’ll be answering that in today’s blog!

What is African Moringa exactly?

African Moringa or Moringa Stenopetala is a deciduous flowering plant native to Africa, notably Kenya and Ethiopia. Known as the "Miracle Tree" and “Mother’s Helper” it has robust leaves and roots that are used in a variety of remedies such as teas, ointments, pastes, and more. The species is drought resistant thanks to a unique bottled shaped trunk that stores water for the plant. The leaves often have white flowing buds on them.

Moringa Tree

African Moringa has been used for a variety of ailments such as hypertension, retained placenta, leprosy, diarrhea, asthma, blood sugar regulation, and more. The leave can be brewed as a tea, and the roots can be chewed. The seeds can also be used for moringa seed oil and extracts.

You might have heard of Moringa Seed Oil or seen Moringa in pill form? Moringa boasts benefits both internally and externally. The oil and extract can help skin to remain soft and firm while assisting it in retaining moisture.

How can Moringa help your skin?

African Moringa is a melanin-friendly ingredient, we’re happy to say! Our research that we’re doing on the ingredient shows it to be a very promising alternative for acne treatment and skin care.

Benefits of Moringa include:

Brightening Skin Tone – Moringa boasts an extremely high vitamin C content. Vitamin C is commonly used to brighten and even skin tone, and can help to fade acne marks and blemishes. Vitamin C is also able to help skin renew itself and retain its elasticity.

Firms and Tightens Look of Skin – Due to its high vitamin A content, Moringa is able to improve the look of skin’s appearance, reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin A is an essential skincare ingredient that can increase the production of collagen, the components that keep skin elastic and bouncy.

Encourages Glowing Skin - Due to its detoxifying and purifying abilities, African Moringa is wonderful for clarifying and clearing the skin to encourage a lovely clear complexion. It’s often used for the purposes of water purification.

Reducing the Appearance of Acne – Our research on African Moringa shows very promising results for acne treatment. Moringa is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. It can help calm down redness and angry looking blemishes on the skin to promote a happy looking face!

Pro-aging - African Moringa is chock full of antioxidants that can help to improve the look of aging within skin. Fighting free radicals and toxins, antioxidants help skin to stay looking youthful and fresh. It can reduce the effects of oxidative stress and lower inflammation, two causes of aging skin.

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African Moringa Scorecard

African Moringa has a host of benefits for skin internally and externally! We’re looking forward to continuing our research on this ancient ingredient and will make sure to put it to good use in some of our products *hint-hint*! This ingredient has the potential to be a wonderful alternative for skin care and acne treatment and we can wait to share its benefits with all of you!