Acai Berry: A Sweet Superfood For Your Skin

Acai Berry: A Sweet Superfood For Your Skin

Berries have always been touted as one of the best things that you can consume for ensuring quality health and skin, and Acai berry definitely stands out as one of the elite superfoods with great potential to be a powerhouse in the journey to age gracefully.  

Acai Berry is one of the best superfood fruits that you can eat for your health AND for your skin! Did you know that Acai is not really a berry because it contains a pit? It’s actually known as a “stone fruit”, a name belonging to fruits like peaches and cherries. Nevertheless, this “berry” contains several inner and outer beauty benefits that can bode well for your health and skincare journey. What benefits does this fruit have that can give us the edge in aging gracefully, within and on the surface?  

Acai Berries in Bowl

Originating from the Amazonian jungle, this berry grows in clusters on the acai palm tree in places like Brazil, Peru, and Suriname. The trees can get up to 25 meters tall! Acai was used for several health benefits and to treat a variety of ailments within Amazonian tribes. The berry wasn’t the only thing used for survival, members used the trees, leaves, and other parts for their homes and more. This fruit has been a quality source of food and nourishment for the ancients and its benefits have survived all the way to our era.  

Warriors and members of the tribes used to have to shimmy up the tree to collect the juicy fruits to have them collected for eating and used for wines and general consumption. Nowadays, when picking the fruit to be packaged and sent off, it must be freeze-dried quickly as the fruit only has a 24-hour life-span before it starts to wilt and deteriorate.  

With all of this being said, how can Acai Berry help to restore your body and your skin? Have a look at our latest Sweeter Scorecard to see the benefit this fruit has for you and your skin! 

Acai Berry Sweeter Scorecard

Inner Benefits:  

Filled with Antioxidants - Acai berries have been recorded to have extremely high levels of antioxidants, more than blackberries, raspberries, and other types. They’re also chock full of polyphenols and anthocyanins, which can help to relieve environmental stressors on the body. 

Packed with Essential Nutrients – Acai berries are high in vitamins A, B, and C. These vitamins are essential in several body processes and can help to replenish the body.  

Centers the Mind – The antioxidants in Acai Berry can also help to reduce stress on the mind and help elevate your mood. The properties contain in the fruit can help to cleanse and revitalize your mind, contributing to a balanced sense of self.  

Energizes – Acai Berry can help restore your body’s energy levels with the B-vitamins that it contains, temporarily reducing the feeling of fatigue and lethargy.

Soothes and Strengthens – The properties contained in Acai can help to strengthen the body’s resilience against certain stressors while helping to reduce residual stress and combat discomfort that life can bring. 

Increases Women's Vitality and Fruitfulness - Acai Berries are great for overall women's well being and have been shown to improve balance, quality and fruitfulness in women, if you know what we mean ;)

We've also included a snapshot of these benefits in our Inner/Outer Beauty Card on how this violet-colored berry can help your skin as well! 

Acai Berry Inner + Outer Beauty Benefits


Outer Benefits:  

Replenishes Skin – The phytochemicals and nutrients in Acai Berry can help to reduce stressors on skin, helping skin to easily renew itself against daily damage. This can help reduce the appearance of aging such as wrinkles, dullness, and fine lines.  

Encourages Suppleness – Acai berry can help skin to remain smooth and supple with the power of the healthy fats it contains, like Omega-3s, 6s, and 9s. Healthy fats can help promote moisture and boost firmness. 

Helps Firm and Tighten – The fatty acids and oils contained within Acai Berry, such as oleic, palmitic, and linoleic can help promote moisture and boost hydration within the epidermis. This helps skin to look firmer and have more bounce.

Renews and Revitalizes – Acai berry is full of Vitamin A, a vitamin that has been shown to help skin have a fresh appearance while encouraging it to look plump and radiant. It can also help skin to look luminous and impart a glowing effect.  

Encourages Luminosity – Acai Berry is also full of Vitamin C, another skincare ingredient often used for brightening dark patches, and promoting an even skin tone. Vitamin C is also beneficial in helping to promote a lifted and firm effect as well as encouraging glowing skin.  

This wonder-fruit isn’t just good in smoothie bowls and juices, this berry is full of properties that can help your skin and body to retain its youthful essence! Infusing this superfood into skincare is a project we’re diligently working at and we’re really into the results this super-fruit is able to bring! Obtaining the power of this fruit and learning its capabilities can provide us with yet another alternative indigenous ingredient used for skincare! 

How do you like your Acai Berries?