Why Men Should Use a Beard Oil + The Best Beard Oil + Balm

Why Men Should Use a Beard Oil + The Best Beard Oil + Balm

Beards need care to look, feel and be at their best. Having a well kept mustache and beard can be the key to taming unruly dry hairs and getting them to behave for the rest of the day. However, it's no secret that most men (and a lot of women) like to keep their skincare routines as simple as possible. So how do you keep your routine quick but effective enough to get the job done? We are here to answer that question! 

Many men have started to see the benefits of incorporating more steps in their skin and body care routine, including caring for their beard, and there is a need to fill this void of products that will help to keep their beards well maintained. Since we live in a society that has people constantly on the go all the time, finding time to groom your beard can be a hassle. Men need effective, quick, and stylish products catered to them as well!

Beard oil is a necessity for men with any amount of facial hair, and it can be a quick and effective way to get unruly dry hairs to behave and look presentable. It's a very low maintenance product and doesn't take a lot of time to use.  

Like the hair on our heads, beards and facial hair in general needs the same type of care. Beards need to be cleaned, moisturized, and maintained just like our regular hair. Beard oil is also important for the skin under the beard as well. Why do men need a beard oil? We are here to break down the benefits; and what exactly a bread oil is. 

We want to provide some clarity and break down why beard oil is such an important facet of a man’s routine, and why it can prove beneficial in the long run when it comes to the health of your beard.  

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What Is Beard Oil?  

Beard oil is a conditioning blend of oils, extracts, and other emollients made to tame, soften, and moisturize facial hair. Beard oil can promote the health of the hair and make it easier to tend to. Many men use a beard oil to keep their beard looking fuller, softer, and more vibrant. Beard oil has many other benefits when it comes to contributing to the health and promoting a lovely appearance.  

What Are the Benefits of Using a Beard Oil? 

Reducing Dryness and Itchiness – Beard oil can help to provide moisture to the skin underneath the facial hair. When the skin is constantly covered up by the beard, many men can sometimes neglect that area, creating issues of flakiness, dandruff, and itchiness. Beard oil helps to moisturize and soften the skin underneath when it’s applied to prevent those issues from cropping up. Even skin in that area needs to be maintained whether it’s covered by hair or not.  

Tames and Moisturizes – Using a beard oil can help to tame the unkempt hair, especially when it comes to Black men or men of color. Knots, snags, and frizz can be kept at bay with regular us of a beard oil. Beard oil can also help to reduce dryness and hair breakage when the strands are kept oiled and it also adds shine! Having a dry prickly beard can quickly become uncomfortable fast so it’s best to address the issue before it becomes a problem. 

Help Your Beard to Smell Pleasant – A nice smelling beard can impart quite the impression on someone when you’re in close proximity. Many beard oils are made with pleasant smelling oils that can give the hair on your face a light pleasant scent. Hair tends to hold scents and smells so you won’t have to worry about the fragrance fading too quickly. Just make sure to wash and rinse your beard alongside your face when you’re doing your daily hygiene. Hair can trap odors and old stale scents as well so be careful.  

Reduces Chances of Breakage – Like the hair on our heads, beards are susceptible to breakages and this can cause already present issues like knots and tangles to become worse to the split ends. Breakage can also cause the beard to look uneven and unkempt. Using beard oil frequently on the hair can reduce this and contribute to a neat shiny appearance.  

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What Should You Look for in a Beard Oil? 

Beard oils should contain a lot of hydrating and light oils. It’s best to look for a light formula as heavy oils can create a haven for breakouts and clogged pores beneath the hair. Oils such as marula oil, moringa oil, and other oils can help to hydrate and promote healthy hair follicles, through the use of fatty acids and antioxidants, creating a shiny soft looking beard.  

These oils are the best of the best when it comes to beard care, which is why we introduced them in a new upcoming product you might want to keep your eye out for! 

How Should a Beard Oil Be Used?  

Beard oil is best used after washing your face and doing your skincare. It’s best to apply it to a clean face, and we recommend that you wash your hands first before touching the oil to your face. 

  1. Place a few drops on your palms. If your beard is thicker or longer then you can use more product if you need.  

     2. Warm it up in your hands and stroke it through your sideburns, mustache, and beard. Make sure to use downward strokes to smooth the hair follicle.  

     3. Afterwards, you can use a comb or brush to further distribute the oils through your beard, and smooth down any stray hairs you may see.  

Another product men may choose to use besides a beard oil is a beard balm. Like, its name, beard balms are salves that are also made for the purposes of grooming, conditioning, and contributing to beard health.  

 What Is a Beard Balm?  

A beard balm has creamier, thicker consistency and is usually made out of oils, beeswax, and different extracts that thickeners. Beard balms are used for grooming, styling, and protecting your beard. Because of the way beard balms are formulated, they can take longer to absorb into your hair, but they can offer most of the same benefits and nutrients that you’d get from using a beard oil.  

Some men use beard oil and beard balms simultaneously. It’s all up to each individual’s choice, though using both can provide some adequate layering protection and as long as the formulas aren’t too heavy then it shouldn’t be an issue.  

You may want to stick to one or the other if you’re susceptible to having oily or acne prone skin or if your beard is extremely dense.  

What Are the Benefits of a Beard Balm?  

Beard balm also helps to condition the hair and to soften and promote its vitality. It can protect the beard from environmental stressors like wind, dryness, humidity, and more. Other benefits include: 

Binding More Moisture to Your Beard – Since beard balms are thicker and tend to contain butters, waxes, and oils, they are able help the hair to stay moisturized for longer. They can also help to keep hydration in and to lock dryness out.   

Tames Unruly Beards – Beard balm can help to provide a bit of extra hold when it comes to styling and smoothing down wild hairs that may not be able to stay laid otherwise. Beard balm can be useful in styling and smoothing moustaches, goatees, sideburns, and more.  

Helps Your Beard to Smell Good – Like, beard oil, beard balms can also help your facial hair to smell pleasant. Everyone loves to have lovely smelling hair and a beard is no different. Many beard balms have pleasant light scents that are formulated to please both you and whoever you let get close to your beard.  

Helps Your Beard to Look Thicker - Using a beard balm can help your beard to look fuller and provide volume. The butters and oils used in beard balms can help promote elasticity and body to your tresses, reducing signs of thinning and creating the appearance of a denser patch of hair.  

Beard balm is applied like beard oil for the most part. It should be applied after showering or washing your face. Make sure to use an adequate amount, and after applying you can style your beard as you see fit or brush it through to distribute the moisture through your strands. 

The key to a good beard balm is a well formulated ratio of butters, oils, and waxes. Kokum butter is a non-greasy and lightweight butter that’s perfect for applying to the skin and hair without weighing it down. Cranberry oil is another ideal oil that can promote suppleness, elasticity, and provide softening to coarse hair. Oils should have emollient and hydrating properties that can help to promote healthy beards and contribute nutrients and vitamins to the hair strands.  


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In conclusion, whether you use a beard oil or a beard balm is entirely up to you. But the fact remains that beards should be considered a part of your body, face, and be included in your self-care routine. And as you can see it doesn't take a lot of time to get the beard of your dreams! Beard need to be kept up, trimmed, moisturized, and they should be well taken care of just you would do with other parts of your body.  

We hope this article helped you to make your decision. A healthy beard can go a long way to increase attractiveness and it’ll definitely be worthwhile in the end.