Video Reviews: We Love To See It!

Video Reviews: We Love To See It!

At Sweeter Juice Beauty, every review we get brings joy to our hearts. We love seeing you guys get results from our products and we adore the positive reviews and feedback from each and every one of you!
We want to take this time to thank a very special person for a video she made about our products! Nyemerriek made a lovely shout-out gushing about our products and we couldn’t be happier.

We gifted her quite a few goodies in her bag but Juice-C , Shea Butter + Neem Dream Cream, Queen Royoil, and our Heavenly Body Sugar Scrub were the most popular hands down for her! They also happen to be our top sellers so we’re not surprised at all at the love!
Dream Cream, the richest and creamiest head to toe moisturizer had its jar totally cleaned out! It is just that good! Formulated with shea butter, neem oil, and nourishing natural extracts, this cream had our girl looking absolutely radiant in her video!
Vitamin C is a favorite of Mer as well and we so do appreciate her gushing about our Juice-C serum! It’s one of her favorite products and she swears by it! This serum brightens and helps to rejuvenate the skin with the power of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and natural fruit extracts! We see the glow definitely!
Queen Royoil was also included in her goodie bag and it has been receiving absolute praise and positive feedback everyone! Inspired by Queen Esther, this antioxidant packed oil is formulated with myrrh sourced straight from Egypt, and a blend of exotic oils, among them being pumpkin and grapeseed oil! This oil blend softens the skin and helps iron out fine lines and wrinkles. Queen Royoil makes our girl look like royalty indeed and will do the same for you too!
Our face isn’t the only thing that needs tender loving care. Our Heavenly Body Scrub was featured in her lineup as well and we love to see the glowy smooth results from all of you! This scrub has quite the exfoliating power, thanks to ingredients like licorice root, glycolic acid naturally derived from the sugar it has, and papaya extract. Your skin will be glowing in no time thanks to this Scrub!
And you cannot go wrong with using our Glow Riderz: Tumeric + Sweet Basil Body Wash alongside it! This body wash will help you to achieve a clear complexion with the brightening and anti-inflammatory power of tumeric, sweet basil essential oil, and seaweed! Mer was also gifted our Glow Riderz: Sweeter Body Juice, our other body wash that also aids in giving your skin a healthy supple appearance with tumeric, sweet orange oil, and red seaweed. It’s not currently on our website but stay tuned, we’ll have more info on that pretty soon!
Seeing all the empties in her vid really warmed our hearts and we’re ecstatic to hear that more purchases are on the way from this beautiful woman!
Nyemerriek or “Mer” for short is a very talented woman and she has excelled in many ventures like modeling and entrepreneurship. She is such a fashion enthusiast! Last year, she was the face of LagosPHX and we recently had the honor of hosting this year’s event with her! She’s also co-host of a talk show called Local Buzz along with LagosPHX founder, Emeka Njoku! You guys should really tune into that! It is a new weekly fashion show series so for all you fashionistas out there, please give them a listen sometime!

Local Buzz also has an app that you can download for entertaining content and to catch up on what's being talked about! You can also upload videos and pictures of your favorite spots you're at for them to be featured as well! 

The LagosPHX Fashion Week is the event of the year and we love seeing all of our sisters and brothers in designs inspired by traditional African wear and the celebration of African aesthetic! These outfits are so beautiful and this event was a pleasure to be able to host with her. 

Give her a round of applause everybody!

 Mer's video about Sweeter Juice Beauty products can be viewed here! Also, please give this lovely woman a follow at her Instagram Nyemerriek to see what other stuff she's up to! 

Let's hear it for Mer one more time! Once again, we want to give a big thank you to her from Sweeter Juice Beauty. Everyone please keep the reviews and feedback coming! We appreciate all of them and they really help to keep us going! We appreciate and love all of the support we've been getting!