The Best Ways To Use Micellar Water

The Best Ways To Use Micellar Water

Hello, again ladies! We know you’ve been loving our GlowFibre that came out recently and we so appreciate the love and the praise we’ve received about it. Since the GlowFibre has been a big hit among you all, we’ve been working on something to compliment this powerful little cleansing fiber to make your routine even more convenient and quick.
Our new Micellar Water will dissolve your makeup in a snap and it is oh so gentle on the skin. An all-in-one cleanser, we've formulated this product to effectively cleanse, remove makeup, and freshen the skin all at the same time. Micellar Water is a popular choice in skincare to start a skincare routine and cleanse skin.

Sweeter Juice Beauty Micellar Water

Micellar Water contains these little guys called micelles, which are like little magnets that attract dirt, grime, makeup, and other undesirables that accumulate on the skin during the day. Like a magnet, these micelles easily lift the dirt and makeup from your skin and they also make the job easier for your second cleanser. Your other skincare will also be able to penetrate better.
You can use the Micellar Water as is, or you can rinse it off after cleansing.
Contains micelles to aid in substance removal which is boosted with our top ingredients for a complete clean.
Removes all dirt and oil and promotes clear skin
Our Micellar Water is unscented because is the most versatile and for those that are sensitive to scent, it is an ideal choice!
Contains Medium Chain Triglycerides that prevent moisture from being stripped along with cleansing.
The bottle is very compact and can be taken anywhere. You can throw it in your purse or gym bag. It comes in handy for emergencies and the bottle is very discreet and convenient. Just spritz, wipe, and go about your business.
Micellar Water can also be taken on trips and we recommend making it a part of your outdoor kit if you like being in nature or going camping!


We recommend that you use the Micellar Water with our GlowFibre for the best performance. If you missed our post on how to use GlowFibre, you can catch up here!
How to Use:
1. Make sure to shake the product well before use. Close your eyes and spray the Micellar Water all over your face. Make sure to shut your eyes.
(Pro Tip: This is optional but allowing the Water to sit for a minute really helps the product meld with the residue on your face so it can be easily wiped off!)
2. Wet the GlowFibre and gently rotate it across your face and then rinse after.
3. For eye makeup, place the Wet GlowFibre over your eyes for 15 to 20 seconds and then gently wipe the eye area. Try not to tug or pull on your skin. The eye area is the most delicate and is one of the first places aging shows up.
And you’re done! Micellar Water is vegan and it is paraben, gluten, and phthalate free. We always use the best clean but effective ingredients for the skin!

GlowFibre and Micellar Water

More Tips and Tricks:
Try using Micellar Water to remove hair color stains!
Can also be used to cleanse and prep skin for waxing.
When soap or water is scarce, Micellar Water comes in handy to clean hands and remove substances like self-tanner or sticky food residue.
Works great on makeup brushes to effectively cleanse them.
Use for pre and post-workout cleansing. Helps to refresh and cool down the skin after a good sweat session.
If you make a mistake with your eyeliner or other makeup (as most of us do) you can spray Micellar Water on a Q-tip or cotton pad and wipe it off.
Sounds great, right? We know you guys are going to love this stuff and we’ve included access to samples to let you try the product before you decide to buy the full size. Micellar Water is gentle enough to be used every day and can be used day or night.