Introducing The Best Shea Butters In the World + Our Triple Threat Gift Set

Introducing The Best Shea Butters In the World + Our Triple Threat Gift Set

Moisture and hydration are the keys to keeping your skin looking ageless and radiant on up to your golden years. Many people use some type of lotion to counteract dryness and itchiness that can crop up due to lack of moisture, but all lotions and creams are not built the same. Ingredients and quality matters when it comes to your skin, and the wrong ingredients can exacerbate the problem rather than fix it. So what are the best ingredients and products to use to help keep your skin hydrated and moisturized? 

Sweeter Juice Skin always ensures that we choose the most high-quality ingredients and sources, and how we crafted our Best Butters Gift Set was no exception. Our exclusive Best Butters Gift Set is a triple threat collection of three of the best butters in the world: our original best-selling cream, Shea Butter + Neem Dream Cream; and now introducing two new additions Nubian Gold and CocoaRich$! Our exclusive best butters collection is all handcrafted to provide your skin with the care and tenderness it deserves.  

The shea butter varieties we chose to be the backbones for our best butters come in two main forms, and the most well known is the West African variety sourced primarily from the western side of Ghana and Nigeria. Nubian Gold is 100% raw and organic Shea Niloteca or East African shea butter. Shea Niloteca is an extremely rare form of shea butter and is only sourced in two places in East Africa, coming from the savannahs of Northern Uganda and Sudan.  

Triple Threat Gift Set

The multiple different benefits these two butters bring to our triple threat Best Butters Gift Set were too thrilling and beneficial to pass up! 

Both Western African shea butter and Shea Niloteca have a mild pleasant aroma and can both be used together on the skin. Shea butter is one of the best ingredients to promote dewy bouncy skin, and making both versions of the multi-use ingredient the stars of our body butter gift set was the perfect opportunity to show off its greatness! 

Western African Shea Butter is so easily applied to the skin and gives our Shea Butter + Neem Dream Cream the perfect consistency to make moisturizing your skin a luxurious experience. Once raw West African shea butter softens up it absorbs easily into the skin, helping to moisturize face, hands, and feet while improving their appearance over time. Western African Shea Butter powers our Dream Cream with vitamins A and E and will help to soften and promote radiant skin with regular use. The rich thick texture of this dense version will soften the look of calluses, flakiness, and revive ashy skin.  

Despite its thickness, Dream Cream, is also non-comedogenic, so if you apply it to your face, it won’t increase the likelihood of breakouts. 

We definitely chose well when crafting and formulating these body butters, and you’ll surely see the difference in your skin that these two versions of shea butter bring to the table!  

Nubian Gold - Our East African Shea Butter, or Shea Niloteca is an exotically  and richly textured premium shea butter fit for royalty. It's only ingredient is 100% rare, pure, and organic Shea Niloteca. Nubian Gold will melt into your skin upon contact while beautifying and encouraging soft glowing skin after just one use! 

Nubian Gold is a RARE commodity being sourced from only two locations, South Sudan and Uganda. Nubian Gold is naturally infused with maximum beneficial nutrients and has a very high form of oleic acid, a fat thicker than most acids that can help to increase moisture and seal hydration into the skin. Nubian Gold is the most hydrating, rich textured butter that soothes the senses every time you massage it in. This best butter will ensure that your skin stays the most buoyant, moisturized, and glowing it’s ever been.  

Nubian Gold also contains vitamin F, a fat compound that will enhance skin penetration and help further in eradicating dryness and dullness. It will easily slip into the driest cracks and crevices. It will also help to provide protection to your skin barrier and keep dry air and other moisture suckers out. It has a lower melting point than the solid form and will melt into your skin on contact. 


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Our third body butter, CocoaRich$ boasts a lavish formulation of rich West African Cocoa Butter, shea butter, and a luxurious oil blend that promises to boost hydration and elasticity in dry, dehydrated skin.   

Cocoa Rich$'s unique blend of West African Cocoa Butter and select luxurious oils will enrich the skin’s hydration and moisture levels while promoting a soft glow for your temple. 

CocoaRich$ natural cocoa scent smells like home, and will soften skin while producing a shimmering glowing complexion the sun would be jealous of. West African Shea Butter gives CocoaRich$ a thick luscious feel while ensuring that the formula is light enough to melt into the skin. CocoaRich$ will help to beautify and promote a lovely fresh-looking finish, and makes the perfect body moisturizer after showering or baths.  

Shea butter has earned its right to be one of the best skin beautifiers and moisturizers that could ever be used. Called “Women’s Gold”, and mainly cultivated from the “Shea Belt”, shea butter is a treasure in the African Diaspora and has been used over history in nearly every African woman’s skin routine. It surely meets the gold standard of skincare when it comes to providing hydration, moisture, and care to dull lifeless skin.  

Holiday Gift Set

All three of these exclusive products are available to be purchased in our holiday gift set and make the perfect present for anyone who loves body butters, moisture, and having beautiful glowing skin! These rich laviscious butters are only available for a limited time and are truly the best butters in the world!  

Using a natural butter can be the answer to all your dry skin needs, and is a great alternative for people who need a little more lush opulence in their body care. We know that you all are going to love these when they come out soon! We hope that you’ll want to snag one for the holidays! They’re only available for a limited time and quantity so you can grab a set for yourself and a loved one today! 

You won’t want to miss out on these, so make sure to purchase yours before they sell out! 


Best Butters Gift Set

Best Butters Gift Set