How To Stay Feminine Fresh All Day!

How To Stay Feminine Fresh All Day!

Summer is just around the corner and it has already been heating up recently. This weather change can add to the challenge of staying fresh throughout the day. We all have busy lives and while running errands, going to the gym, or doing anything else, things can get a bit sweaty, especially down in our nether areas.

It’s so important to keep our private area clean and fresh, even more so when we’re on our monthly cycle or active during the day. We have a very delicate ecosystem down there and it can be easily thrown off balance with the use of harsh soaps, infections, poor hygiene, and lack of care. This can also be described as our pH. Every woman’s pH is more or less the same, with slight variations. If this gets out of wack, then odor and other foul smells, yeast infections, itching, burning, and other debilitating symptoms can develop and create much discomfort and embarrassment. It is actually recommended to use gentle neutral cleansers, feminine washes, (or water if nothing else is available) to cleanse our vagina because it’s so easily altered by outside forces.

That’s why we want to introduce to you all our brand new SWEETER V FEMININE CLEANSER! This cleanser is just what we all need to take care of our lady parts and keep them odor free and clean. Sweeter V is so very gentle and easily acclimates to the nature of your vagina. It helps to balance your pH, freshens the area, and can be used every day. A little goes a long way and it has a very light natural scent for those of you that are sensitive down there. This cleanser was made with all lady parts in mind and we made sure it has the gentlest handpicked ingredients to care for your intimate area.

Sweeter V Cleansing Wash

Our Sweeter V Feminine Cleanser can be used as often as the situation calls for it and it washes off easily. It has aloe vera which helps helps to hydrate and moisturize the vaginal area. And we use the most gentle surfactants to allow for a gentle but effective clean.

This feminine wash also contains lavender oil and tea tree. Both of these oils are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal so they'll definitely help to keep things clean down there! These two oils were carefully selected based on their effectiveness on reducing bacteria that can make its way to your private areas. Lavender oil is also anti-inflammatory, which makes it ideal for soothing that delicate area as well.

When we’re out and about we don’t always have access to shower areas unless we’re at the gym or another place. So we at Sweeter Juice Beauty also wanted to provide our Sweeter V Feminine Spray to help our intimate areas stay fresh as the day goes on! Combined with our Sweeter V Cleansing Wash, this duo ensures that you stay confident all day long!

Sweeter V Feminine Spray

This feminine spray is also very discreet and can be thrown in your purse or gym bag on your way out the door. This spray has a very natural light scent and no added fragrances. It is powerful enough to remove odor but gentle enough to avoid irritation. A few sprays are all you need to keep your privates hydrated and clean. This spray also contains aloe vera to help hydrate and moisturize as well, just like its counterparts.

Sweeter V Feminine Spray contains tea tree oil as well and lemon essential oil. These oils also help to promote a bacteria free environment near your lady parts and they're not too overwhelming either. Lemon oil has proven itself to be an effective deodorizer and will help to freshen things down there! 

To use Sweeter V Feminine Spray, you can spray on a damp washcloth or tissue and gently wipe around the vaginal area. Sweeter V can be sprayed directly on (NOT INSIDE) your vaginal area as well. We do recommend that you test the feminine wash and the spray on a small patch of skin to check for sensitivity before regular use.
Many women have been led to believe that intimate areas have to smell scented so they buy cleansers and sprays with strong scents. The truth is, our vagina isn’t meant to handle things like that and those fragrances can do more harm than good. As long as there are no detectable strong or foul scents and the vagina is healthy, then you don’t need to worry.

We as humans are so used to covering up our natural scent when most of the time it’s part of being human. At times it’s easy to forget that the vagina is supposed to smell like….a vagina. (You can thank commercial programming and unreachable societal expectations for that.) This part of the body sees a lot of action when it comes to natural bodily functions among other things so it’s normal for things to get a bit stale at times. However, with regular cleansing and tender care, we can keep our intimate areas clean and functional. The vagina is also self cleaning too, so there's no need to insert products directly inside yourself unless you want a yeast infection or worse. The outside area around the vaginal area is what needs to be cared for directly. Diet, exercise, and other healthy adjustments can also improve the scent and function of your vagina.

Sweeter V Cleansing Wash and Sweeter V Feminine Spray

Our Sweeter V Cleansing Wash and the Sweeter V Feminine Spray are available on the site right now to purchase. Sweeter V Cleansing Wash and the Sweeter V Feminine Spray is also available in our Feminine Care set so you can get them both together

Our intimate area needs just as much care as our face does and we know you guys are going to love these new additions!



Sweeter V Feminine Care Set