Here's Your Chance To Become a Sweeter Juice Skin Ambassador!

Here's Your Chance To Become a Sweeter Juice Skin Ambassador!

Hey Sweeter Juice Baes!  Earlier this year we launched our ambassador program. It was such a success that one of our most valuable ambassadors moved into another role as our marketing assistant!! In honor of her birthday today, we are doing another round to search for the best ambassadors for Sweeter Juice Skin! 

We’re offering a very special opportunity to a select few the grand opportunity to have a share in being part of our quickly growing skin care brand! We’ve been so touched by all the support and love our products have been shown and wanted to give each and every one of you the chance to have a more intimate role in spreading the love of Sweeter Juice Skin!  

Sweeter Juice Baes

If you’re a Sweeter Juice Skin fan and love our products, you are invited to partake in a grand opportunity to become one of our very own Sweeter Juice Baes! That’s right! Spots are open for anyone who loves promoting healthy skin and Sweeter Juice Beauty to become an ambassador for our brand! We need people who are passionate about skincare and the Sweeter Juice Beauty brand to come and be a part of this wonderful journey! 

Receive free products, rewards, and giveaways!

Sweeter Juice Baes get tons of perks and rewards, and above all, get to be a part of something that benefits everyone who loves their skin and wants it to flourish. Baes work to spread the word of Sweeter Juice Skin, get to participate in giveaways, and receive tons of rewards for their awesome contributions! Some of these perks are:  

Product Discounts – Sweeter Juice Baes get their own person affiliate code for 50% off all things Sweeter Juice Skin! You can personalize your code to be anything you want!  

Affiliate codes – Make money selling our products! Get a personalized affiliate code, affiliate link and sell on and offline. Get steep discounts and win free products! Share your love of the Sweeter Juice Skin brand with your friends and family with your code that gives anyone who uses it 15% off any Sweeter Juice product. When others use this code, you’ll receive a 10% commission from their purchase.  

Personal Dashboard – When you become accepted into the SJB gang, along with your personalized codes and links, you’ll receive your own dashboard to keep up with commission, sales made using your code, and other important things!  

Prizes and Giveaways – Consistency and hard work will pay off when you join to become a Sweeter Juice Bae. Sharing and commenting on posts, taking pictures of products, creating unboxing videos, and more are all welcome. The people that are the most consistent and enthusiastic will win prizes in the form of money, free product, and more!  

Perks for Influencers That Already Have Large Followings - For Influencers, Skincare and Skin enthusiasts already taking high quality photos and videos –you can get free products and more when you share our photos and your unique posts! Make money from your posts and get on our PR List!  

Grow Your Following – We share all posts and content made by customers and the SJB community. You’ll also receive access to a private group chat to interact with other Sweeter Juice Baes, support each other, and receive a heads-up on new posts. 

Sweeter Juice Baes receive tons of perks!

The best part is that these rewards and perks are not set in stone. As Sweeter Juice Skin grows, you’ll grow. Your commission will grow. The rewards will grow. The perks will increase, leading to more opportunities and fulfillment along the way! Sweeter Juice Beauty has quickly grown in such a short amount of time and continues to grow and increase in popularity day by day. Things have gotten extremely busy around these parts thanks to your orders, love, and support! Our goal is to become a worldwide renowned skin care brand and the future looks bright and full of opportunity! We are on our way! Not only that, being a black owned business is important to us and the community. 

 The link at the bottom of our website that reads “Collab with Us!” is where you can fill out the application after completing the steps above. Click “Apply Now” and then you’ll be taken through the application process and answer questions that will additionally gauge whether you’re a good fit for the Sweeter Juice Bae community. 

Become a Sweeter Juice Bae!After filling out the application, make sure to DM us at @sweeterjuiceskin on Instagram for the next steps in securing your ambassador spot!

This opportunity won’t last forever. Sweeter Juice Skin is on its way to reaching our goal of being a household brand and the train isn’t stopping anytime soon. Now’s your chance to hop aboard and ride the Sweeter Juice Train to prosperity. Don’t miss out on this grand opportunity to grow your following and become part of this wonderful supportive community of women.