Give the Gift of Self Care: Introducing Our Father's Day Gift Set!

Give the Gift of Self Care: Introducing Our Father's Day Gift Set!

Give the gift of self-care this Father’s Day! Our King Royoil Father’s Day Gift Set comes bundled with all the simplicity men need to have a good routine, plus the style! Fathers we know how hard you work for yourselves and for your families. Being a father is no easy task, and we wanted to take the time to honor the hard work you all put into being great dads, husbands, uncles, brothers, bonus dads and friends!  Even dads need self-care and alone time! 

 This bundle comes with FIVE fan-favorite items, plus one BRAND NEW addition that will help make a man’s self-care routine quick, easy, and fulfilling:

  • King Royoil Beard Oil – That's right, the king is BACK with all the skin-nourishing ingredients a beard oil can pack! King Royoil is a beard oil made for the use of nourishing facial hair. This superior beard oil is formulated to condition and improve the appearance of your beard. Key ingredients such as organic moringa oil, marula oil, and frankincense serve to strengthen follicles, increase the appearance of thickness, and reduce the look of split ends, dryness, and damage.  

  • King Royoil Beard Balm – Partner to King Royoil, our superior beard balm is also making its return to ensure your beard is able to look tamed, shined, and manageable! King Royoil Beard Balm boasts key ingredient, Kokum Butter, an occlusive butter that can help your beard to retain hydration and moisture, while conditioning and nourishing hairs and follicles! It gives our balm the thickness it needs to tame unruly hairs. Our balm also includes cranberry oil and poppy oil, two oils chock full of Omega-3s and fatty acids that help to soften, moisturize, and add vital nutrients. King Royoil Beard Balm now also contains marula oil, an oil notorious for its anti-aging and antioxidant benefits! 

King Royoil Beard Balm

  • Shea Butter + Neem Dream Cream - Men are no exception when it comes to moisture, which is why we added one of our best sellers to this bundle! Our Shea Butter + Neem Dream Cream is a head-to-toe moisturizer that can be used on the face and body! This butter is the creamiest most hydrating moisturizer you can use on your skin, with key ingredients, West African Shea Butter infusing skin with vitamins A and E and ayurvedic Neem Oil, helping to improve the look and appearance of skin. Continued use will promote soft, radiant skin over time! 


Shea Butter + Neem Dream Cream

Last but not LEAST: 

  • NEW! King Royoil Triple Cleanser – We’re introducing a brand-NEW facial cleanser for men that can be yours when you purchase this gift set! Kings keep it fast, simple, and organic. Wash it ALL off with our Triple Cleanser, a cleanser formulated to be gentle for face, body, and scalp! YES, you can use it in your hair too! This gentle cleanser is formulated with soothing and calming ingredients such as: 

Shea Butter – We included this in our cleanser to help skin to retain hydration and moisture while infusing it with vitamins A + E!  

Glycerin – Another powerful humectant, glycerin helps skin to stay hydrated, soft, and dewy by attracting water to the epidermis. It also helps to soften and condition while giving your skin a plump appearance!  

Aloe Vera – An ancient indigenous gel-like skin conditioner found in the aloe vera plant, this ingredient helps hydrate and moisturize your skin while promoting softness, soothing irritation, and promoting the look and feel of healthy, bouncy skin!  


Chamomile Flower Extract – Used for centuries to calm, uplift, and promote sleep, this extract also boasts wonderful benefits for skin with its soothing and calming properties. Chamomile helps to calm inflammation, redness, and improve the look of aging with the power of antioxidants!  

Calendula Flower Extract – Another soothing ancient remedy most often used for rashes, eczema, and burns, calendula will also help to soothe and is perfect for sensitive skin types! It has anti-inflammatory properties and will assist in helping to renew and reduce the look of aging with antioxidant power!  

This awesome multi-use cleaner is essential oil and fragrance-free as well! King Royoil Triple Cleanser is an exclusive product only available with purchase of this ultimate Father’s Day Gift Set , so make sure to snag this bundle ASAP!  

Father’s everywhere: Keep on doing what you’re doing. Our children need your guidance and support, especially in this world that we live in now. Fathers and Black Fathers included have to face a lot in this world and we wanted to give you a way to have your reprieve from all the stress. Dad’s truly do make a difference and we appreciate you all so much.  


Happy Father’s Day!