If you’re a Black owner of a beauty or fragrance business and you love perfume, you won’t want to miss out on this grand event! UK-based fragrance house, Olfiction has launched a giveaway for a Black-owned beauty brand to have a complimentary fragrance developed for their brand!  

Sweeter Juice Skin has partnered with the face of the Olfiction fragrance house, Ezra-Lloyd Jackson, along with Black Beauty Conduit and to give one Black-owned beauty brand this rare and special opportunity, worth over $10,000! 

Recently, Sweeter Juice Skin was given this opportunity to create our own distinctive fragrance by Ezra as well. Ezra and Sweeter Juice Skin share the same vision when it comes to addressing the issues in the beauty industry facing Black professionals, founders and farmers. We were so honored by this, that we wanted to join forces and pay it forward to another up and upcoming Black beauty and fragrance founder!  

Ezra-Lloyd Jackson is one of the few upcoming Black perfumers in the perfume industry, and will be leading the efforts for the development of the fragrance at Olfiction. If you win you'll gain consultancy work from Ezra, along with guidance and assistance in developing the unique fragrance. This giveaway opportunity opens on November 3, 2021 and runs through December 17, 2021. 


Ezra-Lloyd Jackson at Olfiction Fragrance House


From day 1, Ezra-Lloyd will be lending his expertise to you should you be chosen, helping with solidifying the concepts you desire for the complimentary fragrance, from ideation to creation, teaching you how to communicate with your customers about smell, and assisting in bringing the vision of your unique scent to life. If you win, you will receive the creation of ONE bespoke fragrance for a single product (e.g., Eau de parfum/perfume) or one bespoke fragrance that’s suitable for the inclusion into multiple product types (hair oil, body oil, oil-based fragrance). The base of the brand’s product (I.E., body butter, oil, candle, etc.) will be sourced and paid for by you. 

When signing up for the giveaway, every entrant will be required to prepare a fragrance brief, a document detailing the concepts of the desired scent, how the fragrance should smell, the connotations and notes desired, and other crucial details needed to create the desired result. A sample of the fragrance brief will be available for reference on the form when you sign-up. Ezra will also help to assist you in finalizing your brief, cleaning up any details, and helping you to understand concepts of fragrance creation in order to better create the finished product! The development may have to be adjusted depending on the product the fragrance will be used in.

Ezra-Lloyd Jackson is an artist of British-Caribbean heritage who specializes in experimenting with various sensory experiences, including the poetics when it comes to fragrance, and the political and social legacy of sourcing and producing scents globally. The fragrance house, Olfiction, has specialized in fragrance creation, storytelling, consultancy and more for over 30 years. Ezra quickly climbed the ranks of Olfiction, recently being able to work on a fragrance for Ford. Using his platform and expertise, Jackson is always researching and looking for ways to improve how scents are developed and making efforts to bring non-European narratives to the forefront of perfumery, and this includes investigating and addressing real ways to sustainably fix the unfair conditions of many Black workers who help to source and cultivate the extracts used in perfumes such as vertiver, frankincense and myrrh. 

After all, perfume has its inception in Africa, an obscure fact that Ezra wished everyone knew.  


It’s not an exaggeration when we talk about how hard it is in this industry, Black creators and business owners have a harder time gaining access to resources, supplies, opportunities, and sourcing ingredients. It is way harder for a Black-owned business to get off the ground due to these unique obstacles we’ve had to contend with.  

That’s why Sweeter Juice Skin has joined together with other Black suppliers and brand owners to form Black Beauty Conduit, a cooperative solution that enables more access to raw materials, suppliers, education, resources, and the ability to make bulk orders together: everything an aspiring Black business-owner needs to blow the joint sky-high. 

We want to create a worldwide trade network, that will also in turn create a global supply chain for every Black-owned business to benefit from. We want to grow with the community and be able to adjust our offerings to fit our needs.   

And guess what? Every Black-owned brand that signs up for the Olfiction Fragrance Giveaway will be granted enrollment in Black Beauty Conduit! Isn’t that exciting? 

This Giveaway is open to all Black beauty and fragrance brands worldwide, so we look forward to seeing all of your faces!  

We encourage and urge all of you to apply! Even if there is only one winner, everyone is going to walk away with something that will provide lasting benefits! 

Entries for the Olfiction Giveaway can be submitted on's website or using this link: with more details provided on the site and entry submission form. The giveaway is worldwide, meaning all majority Black-owned brands (51%) from around the world will be able to enter for a chance to win the giveaway. 

NOTE: this giveaway is for fragrance development only. Should you win, you will be responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of your fragrance infused product should you make the decision to include it in your products. Olfiction does have a manufacturer available for use should you decide to go that direction.  


We hope to see you all participate!  


Olfiction Fragrance Giveaway